Our experienes in gearing technology enables CGS to inspect and upgrade any gearbox to reduce the risk of recurring failures. Upgrades are often necessary for gearboxes experiencing repeated failure as a result of an original design flaw or a change in duty cycle or working environment.

Besides providing gearbox upgrades for failed units, we can also upgrade older gearboxes to modern operating standards to suit more intense operating requirements.

Power (P) 200kW 200kW
Input Speed (n1) 1500 rpm 1500 rpm
Output Speed (n2) 19.45 19.26
Ratio (i) 77.14 77.85
Safety Factor (SF) 1.6 1.3


1. Safety Factor
Increased safety factor from 1.1 to 1.6 especially at Output Stage by changing the gear profile design and add one more planet gear on system (original gearbox comes with 3 planet gear).

2. Design
Add bearings at 1st Stage Planet Holder for supporting the planetary system to prevent damage at 1st gear parts (original does not have a bearings to support).

3. Lubrication
Design an external pump with motor separately. The original comes with the internal pump that generate heat into gear housing. Add external Fan Cooled Oil Cooler to reduce oil temperature inside the gearbox.